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Optimization of production in the meat and sausage industry: Flexible solutions from VEMAG


The meat and sausage industry is facing major challenges today. The demand for high-quality products and specialities is constantly evolving, as are consumer preferences. Moreover, there is an increasing need to adapt quickly to these market changes. In addition, with the growing trend towards alternative food choices, such as vegetarian and vegan products, butchers are under pressure to diversify their offer.

To meet these challenges, VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH offers a wide range of solutions designed to optimise production in this sector.

Greater flexibility is key in this context. The production requirements in the artisan and industrial sector are very varied: from savoury to sweet products, meat and vegetarian options. From gourmet burgers to filled and unfilled products, the variety is impressive. That's why VEMAG stays in tune with the market and the requirements of its customers.

The modular approach of VEMAG filling machines and their interchangeable accessories allow craft and industrial companies to make strategic investments. This, in turn, increases production flexibility, as VEMAG systems can accurately handle a wide range of doughs, whether pasty, fluid or lumpy. In addition, the possibility of easily expanding the product range at any time thanks to the modular principle allows production to be expanded according to demand, thus ensuring an agile response to market requirements.