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Your specialist for Cubes + Strips + Sticks + Slices + Slicing + Fine Cutting + Shredding

FOODLOGISTIK offers a wide range of machine models for various applications and different capacity levels. It has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of powerful, reliable and precise cutting machines. It manufactures special machines according to your specific requirements. It has a strong network of competent and reliable distributors all over the world.


The semiautomatic Multipurpose Dicers are the right choice for Butcher shops, Supermarkets or Industrial factories:

  • The machine is able to cut frozen products down to - 3°C and offers a four-dimensional pre-compression that guarantees a perfect cut all around the food. In addition, it has a refined cutting blade that provides powerful, smooth and clean cuts.
  • It is designed for one-handed operation and has a longitudinal chamber opening. It also has durable cutting grids that withstand heavy workloads and a dual chamber system that saves time by allowing for simultaneous loading and dicing.
  • In addition, it offers different ram advance options to accommodate different cutting volumes, as well as a low break-in period for unskilled operators. It also features automatic positioning of the cutting blade after each cycle and minimal set-up time for changing the grids. Finally, the machine offers a visual signal to indicate load availability.


The fully automatic Dicers are the right choice for high-performance food industry

  • Automatically controlled guillotine cross cutter that does not require trimming of the product size, which saves time and reduces costs. In addition, feeding can be automated. The machine has stainless steel grid sets designed for heavy duty work and a product outlet for 200 litre trolleys. Debris is removed through large stainless steel drain pipes to ensure a hygienic standard.
  • SIEMENS computer processing units ensure maximum reliability. The machine allows piston feed mode with double or quadruple blade for large volume cuts, or intermittent cutting with single blade for precise cubes.
  • With minimal sanitation costs, it offers excellent hygiene. It also has a "Last Cut" mode to minimise debris in grid sets and a "Clean Out" mode for easy access to all machine parts. In addition, the guillotine cross cutter together with its guide and all cutting tools are removable without the use of tools.


The specialist for continuous cutting of vegetables and fruits in cubes, strips and slices

  • We offer a robust machine designed for heavy loads in continuous use, with a stainless steel frame and cutting drums with bearings on both sides for optimum performance. 
  • Its compact design is ideal for tight spaces, while ensuring the highest cutting quality and featuring adjustable speed. In addition, its welded construction and separate drive zone ensure perfect hygiene and easy cleaning, meeting high safety standards. 
  • With additional features such as a water connection for flushing during cutting and a mobile frame with wheels, this machine offers a complete and versatile solution.


Slices and portions of boneless and bone-in products - perfect for butcher shops, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hypermarkets and for the food industry

  • The SLICR® is a versatile machine designed for meat processing, capable of operating at temperatures down to -4°C to ensure optimum product preservation. 
  • Its pull cut ensures accurate portioning of both fresh and chilled or frozen products, providing uniform slices and clean, almost splinter-proof chops. 
  • With solid PET or stainless steel casings, this machine offers easy cleaning and sanitising, maintaining hygienic conditions with minimal costs. In addition, it complies with the latest EC safety and sanitation standards, ensuring safe and efficient processing.


Thin slices from Pate - segments sliced from soft sausages - cubes or strips of Feta cheese - The SoftfoodslicR are the right choice for food-specialties producers

  • The machine features extra-fine blades that ensure clean cuts in soft products, guided by a special guide that guarantees precision even at high speed.  
  • Its ergonomic design allows one-handed operation thanks to the longitudinal opening of the chamber. In addition, it offers a breakage-free discharge of the cut products by means of an integrated conveyor belt. 
  • With a large table-tray for product pre-preparation and adjustable longitudinal pre-compression, it guarantees optimal and adaptable cutting for different types of products.