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With enthusiasm for your products!

To obtain an excellent product, you need very good raw materials and the best machines. Careful processing is essential to ensure that your product is especially tasty and immediately catches the eye. Every milligram counts.

Cooked sausages, cooked ham, cheese, vegan products, silicone, explosives and much more: PROPATEC offers you the right technology for production and packaging - we have the machine you need for your product! Contact us today - we look forward to hearing from you!

Clipped products

PROPATEC offers a range of machinery for the safe and hermetic packaging of sausages, regardless of their composition. Its innovative solution uses tubular bags closed with clips at both ends, offering advantages such as cost-effectiveness, cost and waste reduction, product safety and environmental friendliness.

POLY-CLIP system: our solution for hermetically sealing your deep-drawn products, including firewalls and consumables.

K+G WETTER: with our meat mincers and slicers, we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high quality meat products.

VETEC ANLAGENBAU: our smoking and cooking systems are your solution for perfect flavor and homogeneous product quality.

MAGURIT: Through our frozen meat slicers we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high quality meat products.

VEMAG: Our solution for the production of sausages from all types of casings and products of all shapes, such as hamburgers, meatballs, sticks and many more.

Raw, boiled and cooked sausage

PROPATEC offers a wide range of machines for sausage production, covering all aspects of the process, from ingredient mixing to final packaging. Our equipment guarantees efficiency and quality at every stage, from ingredient preparation to packaging. We provide full support, including installation, training and maintenance, to ensure optimum performance. With PROPATEC, you can increase the production capacity of your sausages without compromising on quality, meeting customer demands. Our sausage production range consists of:

  • Magurit: the range of machinery is capable of cutting frozen meat blocks, mincing, and facilitating further food processing, ensuring efficient food preparation.
  • Vemag MASCHINENBAU: all facets of sausage production, encompassing filling, turning, and automation solutions, are included in the extensive range of services. 
  • VETEC ANLAGENBAU: perfect taste and homogeneous product qualities with the smoking, cooking and maturing systems.
  • K+G WETTER: With our meat grinders and cutters we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high-quality meat products.

Fresh Meat portioned

At PROPATEC, we pride ourselves on our precision portioning and weighing systems, which ensure uniform weights of meat products and streamline pricing. Our innovative machinery guarantees exceptional results in all meat processing operations, optimising processes and maximising yields. With our Smart-slice programme, we offer flexibility in product dosing to maintain uniformity in final portions. In addition, our range of portioning systems adapts to different ingredients, allowing efficient integration with various tray sizes for optimal production.

  • Vemag MASCHINENBAU: fresh meat formed specialists including separating, portioning and weighing.
  • MAGURIT: Through our frozen meat cutters we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high quality meat products.
  • K+G WETTER: With our meat grinders and cutters we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high quality meat products.



Fresh formed meat

At PROPATEC, our efficient and reliable machines play a crucial role in the production of fresh and formed meat products for sale. Our mincing systems are meticulously designed to deliver high-quality minced meat, with a clean particle size, excellent colouring and homogeneous particle distribution. In addition, our forming machines guarantee perfectly formed and versatile products, tailored to your specific needs and delivering outstanding results in terms of precision and efficiency.

Our fresh formed meat range consists of:

  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: crafting meatballs, patties, and cevapcici with precision in portioning, grinding, and separating.


Our bakery technology solutions cover the entire production process, from crispy baguettes to decadent pastries. With flexible and precise dough portioning equipment, we ensure consistency in every product. We tailor our solutions to different needs, providing personalised support from recipe conceptualisation to problem solving. With innovative and future-oriented technology, we help you keep up with the latest market trends. Discover the perfect combination of tradition and innovation with our bakery technology solutions.

  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: Bakery expert, from traditional bread and biscuits to gluten-free options. The range allows accurate dividing and weighing to ensure uniform portions and excellent quality.
  • Mfitaly: Machines for dough preparation, also for gluten-free flours: kneaders, rounders, dividers, formers and accessories.
  • Rollmatic: Specialist in planetary dough mixers (BULL line), bread slicers (SAMURAI line), dough sheeters (ROLL line) and rounding grinders (DIRO line).
  • Kempf: The best in baking trays, baking pans and non-stick coatings.

Tasty Poultry

Poultry products include a variety of poultry meats, such as chicken, turkey and duck, which can be sold whole or processed into various products. This meat is a popular choice because of its lean composition and high protein content, as well as being a source of vitamins and minerals. With different textures and flavours, such as white and dark meat, it offers a variety of culinary options. In a market where appeal and taste are paramount, cost-effective and reliable production becomes crucial to meet customer expectations. We have a wide range of machinery specialised in poultry products, including equipment for injection, marinating, clipping, slicing and other processes.

  • Günther Maschinenbau: the ideal solution for elevating your poultry products with spices, additives, or unique features, ensuring extended shelf life and delightful flavors, through Günther Maschinenbau curing injectors, tumblers, and marinating equipment.
  • Poly-clip System: for airtight sealing of whole chickens in tubular bags clippers and consumables.
  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: the range enables precise portioning and weighing to ensure consistent portion sizes and excellent quality for your poultry products.

Convenience Products

PROPATEC recognises the importance of pre-packed convenience products in today's market, where the demand for high quality and convenient dietary options is on the rise. To meet these challenges, we offer automated and flexible machinery that ensures efficient production and regulatory compliance. We work closely with you to develop advanced solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and help you prepare for the future. With our packaging and production solutions, you'll be ready to meet ever-changing market demands and seize new opportunities.

  • Günther Maschinenbau: trusted partner, specialising in developing and manufacturing technical solutions for trade and industry, including tubler salads, soups, guacamole, and sauces, with a focus on machines and systems for curing, tumbling, and coating processes.
  • Poly-clip System: with the clipping solutions you can, for example, pack soups and sauces safely and efficiently in tubular bags.
  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: the cutting-edge machinery ensures precise, spill-free can filling, synchronized coextrusion technology for accurate positioning of combined products, and high-quality dosing and depositing systems for cans, jars, and trays.

Dairy Products

PROPATEC offers a wide range of processing machines specifically designed for the production of dairy products, taking advantage of the diversity of flavours and varieties in the world of cheese. Our advanced technology allows efficient and reliable moulding, extruding, depositing and filling of cheese, adapting to various applications. From medium-sized cubes to special shapes such as triangles or strips, our machinery ensures the production of high quality cheese products that satisfy the most demanding preferences. With PROPATEC's innovative solutions, you can take your cheese production to higher levels of excellence.

  • Poly-clip System: airtight sealing for items such as smoked cheese and cheese sausage products in tubular bags and casings with clippers and consumables. 
  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: a reliable partner with expertise in precise portioning, cup filling, and cheese reforming. The fully and semi-automated solutions guarantee exact dosing and clean filling of processed cheese into various containers, including cups, cans, casings, and thermoforming machines.


Vegetarian, vegan and alternative proteins

The market for vegetarian and vegan products is experiencing significant growth, with a rise in popularity of alternative proteins such as veggie burgers. Food technology has advanced to create alternatives that mimic real meat in taste and texture. This has generated a diverse demand for alternative protein products, from meat substitutes to ready-to-cook vegetables and spreads.

PROPATEC offers tailored technological solutions to meet the needs of this growing industry. From improving processing techniques to developing new product formulations, our technology is designed to help you keep up with the demand for alternative proteins and deliver high quality products that meet the preferences of vegetarian and vegan consumers.

  • Günther Maschinenbau: trusted partner, specialising in developing and manufacturing technical solutions for trade and industry, with  machines designed to enable the coating of frozen vegetables, perfect for creating delicious stir-fry dishes.
  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: provider of cutting-edge machinery for precise portioning, filling, and weighing, ensuring consistent portion sizes and excellent quality for your vegetarian, vegan and alternative protein products, with spill-free can filling, synchronized coextrusion, and high-quality dosing and depositing systems for cans, jars, and trays.



As a manufacturer in the pet food sector, it is crucial to provide healthy and delicious nutrition. The growing demand for premium and speciality foods, as well as functional treats and snacks, requires recipes tailored to the different life stages of pets and to meet specific health standards. Process automation with reliable and flexible machinery is essential to maintain product quality, streamline production and meet changing market demands. A reliable partner with industry expertise can offer high-performance, precision solutions tailored to your needs. Continuous innovation in technology and production processes will enable you to stand out in the competitive pet food market and meet ever-changing demands. At our company, we are committed to helping you deliver exceptional products that delight your customers.

  • Poly-clip System: with the clip systems you can safely pack pet food in sausage form in tubular bags & casings.
  • Vemag MASCHINENBAU: machinery tailored for precise portioning, filling, and weighing, providing consistent portion sizes and exceptional quality for your pet food products.
  • VETEC ANLAGENBAU: the cooking, drying and maturing machiners ensures consistent and delicious end products that make every pet's heart beat faster.

Non Food

We offer specialised solutions for packaging non-food products such as silicones, adhesives and explosives, prioritising safety and airtightness. Our original clipping machines and consumables guarantee efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring professional and safe packaging. With our expertise and specialised tools, we provide a reliable option for the packaging of your products.

  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: a partner for precise portioning, filling, and weighing, ensuring consistent product portion sizes and excellent quality for your non-food products.
  • Poly-clip System: airtight sealing for non-food items such as silicon, sealants, adhesives, cosmetic bags, and other products in tubular bags and casings with clippers and consumables.