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Radio Frequency dryers

Food Processing

Founded in 1990, RF Systems manufactures Radio Frequency dryers and equipment, that speed up and improve drying and thermal processes, cutting energy consumption and operating costs. High-performing, energy-saving and cost-efficient, RF Systems equipment allow its customers to make the most of the advantages of the Radio Frequency technology with the best cost / benefit ratio.

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Food Dryer

ARIES is a Radio Frequency dryer that ensures fast and efficient moisture removal and levelling, increasing shelf-life and cutting processing costs. It also reduces checking problems, eliminates surface browning, enhances crispness and flavor, reduces Acrylamide formation.


Extend the shelf-life, cut costs

Benefits: Radio frequency drying technology has been developed to remove moisture quickly and efficiently from various substrates. It is especially useful in post-bake drying of baked goods such as biscuits, crackers and crispbread. The drying process in conventional ovens consumes a great deal of energy and time due to the formation of crusts during baking. However, radio frequency technology is water selective, allowing rapid drying in minutes without adversely affecting the product surface. Over the past 40 years, hundreds of industrial bakeries have implemented RF dryers as the most popular form of drying in the food industry.



Industrial Defroster

THERIO is a RF equipment that ensures a rapid defrosting process, eliminating the need for large thawing rooms and minimizing the drip loss. The process is uniform throughout the whole mass of the product, regardless of its size, weight and shape.


Defrost in minutes any product cut and shape

Benefits: RF thawing is a fast and efficient method that avoids product waste and saves time compared to conventional thawing systems. Unlike the latter, which are slow and wasteful due to poor process control, RF thawing is endogenous and instantaneous. The product to be thawed is placed on the conveyor belt of the RF machine and subjected to rapid dielectric heating that brings its temperature just below the melting point of water, preventing drip losses and bacterial spoilage. In addition to preserving quality, this method allows for easy handling of last minute orders and eliminates multiple handling, resulting in significant savings in labour costs.



Food Pasteurizer

The IGOS RF pasteuriser uses radio frequency technology to disinfect, sanitise and pasteurise a variety of food products, both bulk and packaged. It provides rapid and complete microbial inactivation, maintaining the physical, sensory and nutritional properties of the food.


Ensure microbial inactivation, preserve product quality

Benefits: Food processors often use conventional heating methods, such as steam or hot air, to stabilise products and eliminate harmful microorganisms. However, these methods can be slow and uneven, negatively affecting product properties. In contrast, radio frequency (RF) heating uses waves to evenly and instantaneously heat foods, which allows microorganisms to be killed without affecting their physical, sensory and nutritional properties. RF machines are compact and modular, allowing additional production capacity to be added easily. In addition, parameters can be adjusted in the programmable logic controller (PLC) to tailor the process to each product. Both batch and conveyorised RF machines are available, depending on the type of product and production requirements. These machines are designed and supplied according to the specific needs of each customer.