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PROPATEC offers a comprehensive service to ensure the optimal operation of your production equipment, with a specialised team dedicated to assisting you in all necessary areas.

  • Maintenance
  • Technical service
  • Production optimization
  • Application consulting
  • Spare parts supply
  • Training
  • Machine demonstration


Our qualified technicians offer a preventive maintenance service for your machines, based on usage and operating shifts, ensuring optimum performance. After maintenance, we monitor production to continuously improve processes. In addition, during maintenance, we check all relevant parts to identify and fix potential problems early, thus minimising downtime.


PROPATEC offers an efficient and fast service at customer sites, with trained technicians available for quick assistance. Thanks to their well-developed infrastructure, they guarantee fast response time and short travel times. Their approach is based on the understanding that time is crucial in machine repairs, so they dispatch technicians immediately. Each technician carries a large inventory of spare parts in their vehicle, which allows them to solve most problems on site and minimise downtime. In addition, they emphasise that their technicians receive continuous training and are in constant communication with their suppliers' experts, enabling them to find quick solutions even for complex problems.


PROPATEC offers specialised services to optimise production processes and increase efficiency. Our team of professionals applies specific machine optimisation and maintenance measures to improve operations without compromising product quality. With our expertise, we help to strengthen your company's competitiveness, achieving savings and reducing the burden on machinery. We work together to optimise production and increase the efficiency of your business.


As experts in technology and process optimisation, we work closely with you to create high-quality products. Our extensive experience enables us to define the most efficient and optimal processes in meat processing. By combining our knowledge with yours, we develop outstanding and attractive products. Our goal is to optimise your production processes to achieve the best results. Through our application consulting, we offer customised solutions to raise your quality standards.


Our highly trained technicians are always on the move and equipped with a wide range of spare parts to solve customers' problems quickly. In addition, we have an extensive stock of spare parts at our headquarters in Lima. Our fast delivery minimises machine downtime and ensures trouble-free operation. Rely on our expertise to provide you with a professional and efficient service to meet all your repair needs.


The competence of your employees is key to customer satisfaction with PROPATEC machines. That's why we offer comprehensive on-site training covering technical aspects and production procedures. We also provide follow-up training to keep your employees up to date. This training ensures low machine costs and optimal solutions for your product. Well-trained employees can identify problems and perform maintenance in time, minimising costly repairs.