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MAGURIT is a leading manufacturer of cutting machines, specializing in equipment for cutting frozen raw materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries. They are recognized as the world market leader in this segment. Additionally, MAGURIT develops and produces continuous slicers for fresh and cooked foods.

Their product range caters to a wide range of businesses, from small-scale operations to fully automatic processing lines with high hourly outputs of up to 25,000 kg. However, MAGURIT sees themselves primarily as a service provider, aiming to maintain a significant partnership with their global customers in the long term.

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Fromat Series

The FROMAT series consists of hydraulic guillotines designed to cut various types and sizes of blocks accurately. These machines use a powerful hydraulic system to drive the blades vertically, allowing gentle cutting even at low temperatures. They are ideal for pre-cutting frozen blocks that will later be processed in bowl cutters or crushers. The clean cut they offer minimises water condensation on the surface of the product, making them an ideal choice for producing raw sausages such as salamis. The FROMAT series includes different blade head options to meet customers' cutting needs. These machines are robust and are available for both butchery and industrial production, with hourly capacities ranging from 800 kg to a maximum of 7,000 kg.

Starcutter Series

The STARCUTTER is a frozen block cutter renowned for its continuous performance and high cutting quality, even at low temperatures. It incorporates U-shaped blade technology and a special cutting drum design, together with a block clamping device and a feeding system that ensures constant pressure on the material. With a wide range of models, from 1,000 kg to 8,000 kg per hour, these machines adapt to different capacities and block sizes, offering versatile blade options and easy integration into production lines.


UNICUT guillotines offer precise and versatile cutting for frozen blocks, combining a precise cutting action with a block feeding and holding system. Their unique feature is the continuous pushing of the product against the cutting tools, ensuring a uniform cut. They are ideal for materials that do not slide easily on stainless steel surfaces. With belt feed or pneumatic block pusher and bottom support options, UNICUT models guarantee optimum cutting performance.


DICECUT® series frozen meat dicers are known for their precision in cutting frozen products into exact cubes and strips. These machines avoid the need to defrost meat blocks, which reduces juice losses (2-6%), refreezing energy costs and processing time. In addition, the growth of micro-organisms is reduced. These models can handle common blocks without the need for pre-cutting or product deformation. Dicers can be operated by one person or integrated into automatic lines that include feeding and packaging of the cut product. The DICECUT® GWS models are two-dimensional dicers designed to reduce pre-cut blocks, ideal for pet food production. The cut pieces will remain visible in the final product after sterilisation.

DRUMCUT series

The DRUMCUT series of machines is ideal for processing frozen raw material in barrels, which is commonly used in fruit processing plants, especially in the case of tropical fruits, to produce juices and jams during the winter. These machines can process barrels weighing up to 250 kg and are usually part of a larger installation that includes roller conveyors, barrel lifting and tilting devices, a bag banding machine for polyethylene bag waste and pumping systems to remove the cut products. DRUMCUT machines use blade technology that also allows for efficient processing of frozen juices. These machines can be customised to suit the specific needs of each customer.