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Service. Know-how. Enthusiasm.

We rely on innovative technology for premium quality food in Peru. As a dedicated partner, we specialise in efficient clipping machines and have a wealth of experience in the production and packaging process of various products, from sausages and ham to pet food and technical items such as silicone.

Our story began in 2015 when we were founded by Poly-clip System, a world leader in clipping machines. Since then, we have continuously expanded our portfolio of machines and consumables, ranging from automatic to manual machines, injectors and tumblers from Günther Maschinenbau.

In addition to clipping machines from Poly-clip, we offer a wide range of equipment such as filling and forming machines from VEMAG Maschinenbau, smoking chambers and cooking equipment from VETEC ANLAGENBAU, high-quality mincers and slicers from K+G Wetter, and fine grinders from MAGURIT.

Safety and continuity in production are our top priority. That is why our headquarters in Lima and our service vehicles are always equipped with the most common spare parts, and our team of qualified technicians offers fast on-site service.

We constantly invest in internal and external training of our employees to ensure excellent service. Our experience and collaboration with suppliers such as Poly-clip System enables us to always offer the best possible service, with production optimisation as our main focus.

At your service!