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Transforming the Bakery

Keys to Success with Innovative Equipment

Are you considering entering the exciting world of bakery, or perhaps you are looking to upgrade your equipment to optimise your operations? At Propatec, we understand the importance of having the right tools to drive your business to success. Let us show you the essential machines and accessories you need to propel your business to new heights.

1. Water Cooler WRE - Mfitaly

  • Avoids the use of ice and guarantees the quality of the final product by cooling the water for the dough.
  • Equipped with electronic control to adjust the water temperature between +18 °C у +3 °C.
  • Manufactured with stainless steel tank and coil for high cooling efficiency.
  • Offers low electricity consumption for greater energy efficiency.
  • Can be wall or floor mounted depending on space requirements.
  • Equipped with wheels and autoclave pump for easy mobility and use.

2. Planetary mixer B10 - Rollmatic

  • 10 litre bench top planetary mixer, perfect for making egg yolks, cream, sponge cake and various doughs.
  • Compact but versatile size, ideal for restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops of any size.
  • Designed to offer reliable and efficient performance in the preparation of a wide variety of recipes.
  • An irreplaceable tool in the kitchen, guaranteeing consistent, high quality results in every preparation.

3. Manual Square Divider- Mfitaly

  • Specially designed for efficient division of dough used in baguettes and breads.
  • Its robust construction guarantees durability and reliability.
  • Complies with food safety standards thanks to FDA material presses.
  • Operates manually via lever mechanisms, providing precise and convenient control.
  • Includes a standard stainless steel tray with a capacity of up to 7 kg of dough for convenience and efficiency.

4. Bread Slicer C42 - C52- Rollmatic

  • Semi-automatic bread slicer, designed for bench use and suitable for generic applications.
  • Available in two cutting dimensions: 420mm and 520mm to suit different needs.
  • The model 42 has a compact structure which makes it suitable for small spaces.

5. Perforated Tray - Kempf

  • Improves heat transfer and provides consistent baking results.
  • Gives more volume to the dough.
  • We offer perforated trays with 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm perforations.

6. Non-Perforated Pans - Kempf

  • Smooth surface ensures even heat transfer and a consistent result.
  • Non-stick coatings for easy dough release.

7. Hybrid Tray - Kempf

  • Designed to ensure exceptional stability and protection against aluminium shavings.
  • Reinforced by a stainless steel rail to prevent aluminium abrasion.

8. Baguette Trays with Round Tabular Frame - Kempf

  • Stable support for easy pouring of baked goods.
  • Very good value for money.

At Propatec, we specialise in providing high quality equipment solutions for commercial bakeries. Our products are designed to improve efficiency and quality in the production of baked goods. If you are looking to take your bakery to the next level, feel free to explore our product range and discover how Propatec can help you achieve success in your bakery business.