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Fresh formed meat

Efficient and reliable machines play a vital role in the production of various ready-to-sell fresh formed meat products. When it comes to minced meat, our grinding systems are meticulously designed to deliver superior quality. With an extremely clean particle size, excellent colouration, clear structure, and even particle distribution, you can consistently achieve minced meat of the highest standard. Thanks to the integrated separation feature, our grinding systems ensure extremely high production reliability, and you can expect minced meat with a loose texture and even consistency that will exceed expectations.

At PROPATEC, we take great pride in offering perfectly formed products through our advanced forming systems. As your trusted partner, we provide a diverse range of machines that cater to your specific needs. Opting for a line with multiple attachments grants you the versatility to produce a wide variety of products while maximizing your production capacity, unmatched by any other solution worldwide.

Our machines excel at forming precision products from an array of raw ingredients. The end products boast a unique texture and a natural bite, elevating the overall eating experience. Our offerings of machinery handle the ingredients with great care, ensuring that the meat fibers remain intact and uncrushed, unlike conventional manufacturing processes. This meticulous conveyance of ingredients over the shortest possible distance ensures that the final products maintain their superior quality and authenticity. At PROPATEC our range of meat forming machienery delivers outstanding results and meets the highest standards of precision and efficiency.

Our fresh formed meat range consists of:

  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: crafting meatballs, patties, and cevapcici with precision in portioning, grinding, and separating.