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Vegetarian, vegan and alternative proteins

The market for vegetarian and vegan products is experiencing significant growth, with a rise in popularity of alternative proteins such as veggie burgers. Food technology has advanced to create alternatives that mimic real meat in taste and texture. This has generated a diverse demand for alternative protein products, from meat substitutes to ready-to-cook vegetables and spreads.

PROPATEC offers tailored technological solutions to meet the needs of this growing industry. From improving processing techniques to developing new product formulations, our technology is designed to help you keep up with the demand for alternative proteins and deliver high quality products that meet the preferences of vegetarian and vegan consumers.

  • Günther Maschinenbau: trusted partner, specialising in developing and manufacturing technical solutions for trade and industry, with  machines designed to enable the coating of frozen vegetables, perfect for creating delicious stir-fry dishes.
  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: provider of cutting-edge machinery for precise portioning, filling, and weighing, ensuring consistent portion sizes and excellent quality for your vegetarian, vegan and alternative protein products, with spill-free can filling, synchronized coextrusion, and high-quality dosing and depositing systems for cans, jars, and trays.