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Raw, boiled and cooked sausage

PROPATEC offers a wide range of machines for sausage production, covering all aspects of the process, from ingredient mixing to final packaging. Our equipment guarantees efficiency and quality at every stage, from ingredient preparation to packaging. We provide full support, including installation, training and maintenance, to ensure optimum performance. With PROPATEC, you can increase the production capacity of your sausages without compromising on quality, meeting customer demands. Our sausage production range consists of:

  • Magurit: the range of machinery is capable of cutting frozen meat blocks, mincing, and facilitating further food processing, ensuring efficient food preparation.
  • Vemag MASCHINENBAU: all facets of sausage production, encompassing filling, turning, and automation solutions, are included in the extensive range of services. 
  • VETEC ANLAGENBAU: perfect taste and homogeneous product qualities with the smoking, cooking and maturing systems.
  • K+G WETTER: With our meat grinders and cutters we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high-quality meat products.