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Raw, boiled and cooked sausage

Frankfurters, Wieners and Brats are amongst a few of the many options which can be produced by the range of machines available from PROPATEC. Our team takes pride in offering a diverse range of machines that enable the production of a wide variety of sausage specialties to cover every step of the process, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage.

Starting with the mixing and grinding of high-quality ingredients, our machines ensure a consistent and well-blended mixture that forms the basis of appetising sausages. The filling and portioning equipment guarantees accurate and precise stuffing of casings, maintaining uniformity and enhancing the overall appearance of the final product.

We understand the importance of preserving the traditional flavors and techniques that make sausages special, and our smoking equipment ensures that your sausages have the authentic taste and aroma that consumers crave. Moreover, our packaging solutions are designed to securely seal your sausage specialties, maintaining optimal freshness, and extending shelf life.

At PROPATEC, we take a holistic approach to customer satisfaction. From the moment of installation, our dedicated team will be by your side to ensure a seamless and efficient setup. We offer comprehensive after-sales services, including training, maintenance, and support, to guarantee that your sausage production process remains at its best over time.

With our sausage production portfolio, you can trust that your artisanal sausages will meet the demands of mass production without compromising on quality. From start to finish, we are committed to providing you with the perfect sausage-making process, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Elevate your sausage production capabilities with PROPATEC's innovative and reliable machines, and deliver exceptional sausages that will delight your customers every time. Our sausage production range consists of:

  • Magurit: the range of machinery is capable of cutting frozen meat blocks, mincing, and facilitating further food processing, ensuring efficient food preparation.
  • Vemag MASCHINENBAU: all facets of sausage production, encompassing filling, turning, and automation solutions, are included in the extensive range of services. 
  • VETEC ANLAGENBAU: perfect taste and homogeneous product qualities with the smoking, cooking and maturing systems.
  • K+G WETTER: With our meat grinders and cutters we offer solutions for the production and standardization of high-quality meat products.