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As a manufacturer in the pet food sector, it is crucial to provide healthy and delicious nutrition. The growing demand for premium and speciality foods, as well as functional treats and snacks, requires recipes tailored to the different life stages of pets and to meet specific health standards. Process automation with reliable and flexible machinery is essential to maintain product quality, streamline production and meet changing market demands. A reliable partner with industry expertise can offer high-performance, precision solutions tailored to your needs. Continuous innovation in technology and production processes will enable you to stand out in the competitive pet food market and meet ever-changing demands. At our company, we are committed to helping you deliver exceptional products that delight your customers.

  • Poly-clip System: with the clip systems you can safely pack pet food in sausage form in tubular bags & casings.
  • Vemag MASCHINENBAU: machinery tailored for precise portioning, filling, and weighing, providing consistent portion sizes and exceptional quality for your pet food products.
  • VETEC ANLAGENBAU: the cooking, drying and maturing machiners ensures consistent and delicious end products that make every pet's heart beat faster.