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Dairy Products

PROPATEC offers a wide range of processing machines specifically designed for the production of dairy products, taking advantage of the diversity of flavours and varieties in the world of cheese. Our advanced technology allows efficient and reliable moulding, extruding, depositing and filling of cheese, adapting to various applications. From medium-sized cubes to special shapes such as triangles or strips, our machinery ensures the production of high quality cheese products that satisfy the most demanding preferences. With PROPATEC's innovative solutions, you can take your cheese production to higher levels of excellence.

  • Poly-clip System: airtight sealing for items such as smoked cheese and cheese sausage products in tubular bags and casings with clippers and consumables. 
  • VEMAG Maschinenbau: a reliable partner with expertise in precise portioning, cup filling, and cheese reforming. The fully and semi-automated solutions guarantee exact dosing and clean filling of processed cheese into various containers, including cups, cans, casings, and thermoforming machines.